Figure Skater Mirai Nagasu Wants to Go 'Dancing With the Stars'

Figure Skater Mirai Nagasu Wants to Go 'Dancing With the Stars'

Figure Skater Mirai Nagasu Wants to Go 'Dancing With the Stars'

So one week every month Lauren trains in Colorado, the rest of the time it's up to her, sending video back and forth and skating with her club (the Black Hills Figure Skating Club) in Rapid City.

TOM GOLDMAN, BYLINE: We're going to start with the bad news.

Zhou, for instance, is is the youngest U.S. Olympian this year at 17, and his quadruple lutz in the men's short program was the first in history. It's not as long or important as the free skate that comes later.

Liu has visited the University of DE, where biomechanics professor Jim Richards has been studying elite skaters to help their positioning when attempting jumps.

All three Americans showed tremendous resilience in holding their programs together. They ended up in 9th (Nagasu), 10th (Chen), and 11th (Tennell) places.

Karen Chen: "What Mirai has done is absolutely wonderful and so, so inspiring, I'm at a loss for words". It was such a rare mistake that not even she can remember the last time she made it.

BRADIE TENNELL: I could tell that something was just a little off. "But things happen. We're all human". We're all human, we make mistakes.

"If you keep believing in yourself and keep on fighting - it's not always easy but when you've passed a tunnel you always find light and sunshine". Nagasu had 66.93 and Chen totaled 65.90, leaving all three out of medal contention but proud of the way they fought back. It was significant because it was on a jump that's not just any jump. Kaetlyn Osmond of Canada won bronze.

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American ski great Lindsey Vonn not only won a bronze medal at the Pyeongchang Olympics, she also had a chance to scatter some of her grandfather's ashes on a rock near the mountain where the downhill races were run. But it's still a new jump. "You just have to skate the best you can". "I don't. I'm not a happy camper in the world of skating today".

Tennell, who had skated clean all season, fell on her opening jump combination.

That they would stand on the top two steps of the podium at Gangneung Ice Arena was about as predictable as the sun rising over the nearby Sea of Japan, the only question left being what order they would finish.

Alina Zagitova and Evgenia Medvedeva of Russian Federation, competing under a neutral flag, took gold and silver in the event. The precocious Zagitova employs her own special jumping strategy. She was not among the three USA skaters chosen to compete in ladies singles in the 2014 Winter Olympics despite finishing third at the national championship. She nailed the triple axel during her early practice, though she also stepped out trying it two other times, and again during her warmup in front of her coach, Tom Zakrajsek.

TOM ZAKRAJSEK: Your heart rate maxes out at 115. "If you love what you do, you put all of yourself into it, like Carolina Kostner". This is it. Come on. Tennell will skate first at approximately 8:08pm ET, while Nagasu skates the in No. 20 spot and Chen debuts at No. 22.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN #2: In first place, team United States a victor.

Schlanger: "It is Jessie Diggins delivering a landmark moment that will be etched in Olympic history!"

Nagasu, an worldwide business student at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs - where the U.S. Olympic Training Center is located - has had to commit unimaginable amounts of effort, time, and even money to her quest, even using her world-class skating talents in the comparatively mundane role of "Ice Girl"; cleaning the surface of the Pepsi Center ice during Avalanche games to earn money. Said Randall, it still doesn't feel real. I kept working hard.

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