Is Trump More Popular Than Obama?

Is Trump More Popular Than Obama?

Is Trump More Popular Than Obama?

(The most recent Gallup and CNN polls also show Trump at 40%, while recent polling from Fox News and Monmouth has also shown Trump's scores on the rise.) And for the first time, voters say Trump, rather than former President Barack Obama, is primarily responsible for the state of the economy, 48% for Trump vs. 41% for Obama.

While it's hard to peg an increase in the president's approval rating to any specific event, some news items over the last few months may have helped boost Mr. Trump.

Two-thirds of Americans say they would side with the Federal Bureau of Investigation in a disagreement with President Trump, according to a Marist poll released Friday.

On Feb. 8, 2010, Mr. Obama had a clear majority disapproving of his performance as president - 54 percent versus just 46 percent approval. He now has an approval rating of 40 percent, a number he hasn't hit since June 29, 2017.

57 percent disapprove of Trump's foreign policy efforts; 37 percent approve.

Voters are now virtually evenly split on Trump's handling of taxes: 45% approve and 47% disapprove.

Jobless Rate Down, Labour Participation Rate Up In Windsor
Overall, 88,000 jobs were lost in January - the steepest one-month decline in the Canadian labour market in nine years. He said it reinforces the view that the Bank of Canada will proceed "ultra-cautiously" through the rest of 2018.

IOS 11.3: How to check if your iPhone is being slowed down
Some users have also reported that, with the new beta version, they've actually had a few gigabytes of storage returned to them. This update comes with a whole new host of features to use, play around with, and test.

On Trump order, Pentagon arranging a military parade
Bush revived the tradition after a US -led coalition evicted the Iraqi army from Kuwait in the first Gulf War. If such a event happens, it comes after a number of other US military parades , including the ones below.

Voters contend Trump is doing more to divide the country than to unite it by 60 percent to 35 percent.

Mueller's investigation is legitimate, 50 percent of voters say, while 42 percent say it is a "political witch hunt". The respondents were 24 percent Republican, 29 percent Democratic and 40 percent independent.

"Americans are feeling good about their personal finances, but we'll have to see whether the Wall Street plunge takes a toll on the guy in charge", Malloy said.

New developments are surfacing in special counsel Robert Mueller's probe almost every day, but new poll numbers are showing Republican voters aren't all that concerned.

Quinnipiac University ran the poll February 2-5, surveying 1,333 voters nationwide.

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