Russian Federation will meddle in 2018 vote, fears U.S. intelligence

Russian Federation will meddle in 2018 vote, fears U.S. intelligence

Russian Federation will meddle in 2018 vote, fears U.S. intelligence

Pompeo also responded to reporting last week by the New York Times and the Intercept about an intelligence operation to retrieve classified National Security Agency information believed to have been stolen by Russian Federation.

"This is going to go on", Risch said.

They didn't describe the activity, other than to say it was related to information warfare.

Coats agreed and said that the time to decide on how to respond to this nuclear threat is getting closer.

Pompeo said the sanctions decision had to be viewed in a broader context: The United States is checking and deterring Russian Federation across the globe, he said, from sanctions on Moscow's ally Venezuela to military action in Syria and beyond. While they have historically tried to do these types of things, clearly in 2016 they upped their game.

Officials tell ABC News that the Russians plan not only to use social media to sow discord through "fake news" but are probing state election systems to see if they can be infiltrated.

Russian Federation is likely to increase its attempts to influence the American electoral process after it worked to influence the 2016 presidential election, USA intelligence agencies said Tuesday. Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly denied this and Trump has said he believes him.

"I'm concerned that our increasing fractious political process, particularly with respect to federal spending, is threatening our ability to properly defend our nation, both in the short term and especially in the long term", Mr Coats told the Senate Intelligence Panel, as reported by Reuters.

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"At a minimum, we expect Russian Federation to continue using propaganda, social media, false-flag personas, sympathetic spokespeople, and other means of influence to try to exacerbate social and political fissures in the United States", he said.

Pyongyang said following that launch as well that that it had test-fired its most advanced missile, putting the US mainland within range, and also declared itself to be "a responsible nuclear power".

The assessment stands in contrast to President Donald Trump, who has mocked the very notion of Russian interference in the 2016 election and lashed out at those who have suggested otherwise. But the latest testimony actually confirmed that it is occurring. Americans and people across the West, they said, should expect election interference through this year and beyond.

Despite losing significant territory in Iraq and Syria, Coats said Islamic State "remains a threat" and will likely try to regroup in "ungoverned portions" of those countries.

In testifying, Coats apparently had in mind the 2016 United States presidential election in which Russian Federation is alleged to have carried out large-scale interference including cyber attacks. He hasn't even tweeted a single concern.

It's unclear what the doing covertly to battle back. He's virtually giving the Kremlin the green light to interfere in USA elections.

But a large volume of information has surfaced on Russian use of social media to influence public opinion in USA public policy debates.

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