USA woman wakes up with British accent

USA woman wakes up with British accent

USA woman wakes up with British accent

The first time she woke with an Irish accent and the second time she sounded Australian, with each episode lasting for around a week.

Myers has seven children. That, too, seemed to fade over the course of a few days, but when a headache sent her to sleep in 2015, the British accent she woke up with had stronger staying power. "Everybody only sees or hears Mary Poppins", she said.

A former Texas beauty queen claims she woke up with a British accent despite never having traveled across the pond.

Myers, who said she also suffers from Ehlers-Danlos, a condition that makes skin elastic and joints flexible to the point of dislocation, is now seeking treatment for her rare condition, with the hope of being cured.

According to experts in the field, what she's suffering from is a very real thing and not fabricated in the least.

Myers says she has been diagnosed with foreign accent syndrome (FAS).

It turns out that Michelle Myers does have a medical history that would lend itself to Foreign Accent Syndrome and cause the voice changes after she fell asleep with a headache.

Doctors told Myers FAS was most likely a side effect caused by a hemiplegic migraine, a serious type of migraine headache with symptoms that are similar to a stroke.

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And although Myer's diagnosis sounds unbelievable, numerous hospital visits and specialists have come to the conclusion that she suffers from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome - which they believe has led to her accented speech.

With such a rare disease, there aren't many resources dedicated to research. It's less implausible than it sounds - the disorder typically materialises after a neurological trauma, such as a brain injury. The speech rhythms and pronunciations sound like other accents. They all started with an extreme headache and ended in a freakish change in speech - first Irish, then Australian and now British, the station reports.

"I started crying and they realized something was really wrong", she said, India Times reported. "I'm sad [.], I feel like a different person". So when she one day addressed her family with a British accent, despite spending her life in Texas and Arizona, everyone took it as a joke.

Meyers wants to make clear she's not faking it or insane. She misses the way she used to say her kids' names.

Michelle Myers' story follows a case in 2016 when a Californian woman developed a Scottish accent through foreign accent syndrome.

"Some people think it's physiological; others think it's psychological", Myers was quoted as saying in the report.

She continued: "At first, they thought I was just joking around, because I am a amusing person".

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