Amazon now lets you place calls through Alexa-enabled tablets

Amazon now lets you place calls through Alexa-enabled tablets

Amazon now lets you place calls through Alexa-enabled tablets

The added support for voice calls and messaging is the latest example of Amazon's Alexa app as for how it is becoming more than a utility for managing the settings on Echo devices.

Amazon recently made it easier for Alexa users to ask follow-up questions. When an alert is signaled, you just say "Alexa, what are my notifications?"

If you didn't know it yet, Amazon records and keeps audio clips of your requests, commands, and questions for Alexa.

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To indicate that Alexa is listening after completing her utterance, the blue light will be displayed for a few seconds.

AMAZON'S Alexa has promised to fix a bug which is causing the personal assistant device to make "evil" laughing noises. However, you can still have Alexa carry out multiple tasks as long as you end a conversation by saying "thank you" or "stop" before the start of another one. This includes Apple iPads, Android tablets and Amazon Fire tablets. They can simply download the Alexa app on their tablet and get in touch with fellow Alexa users regardless of the device they own. The feat is limited to the US, Mexico or Canada for now. Today, Amazon has opened up the feature to tablets. Once you're done, you'll be able ask Alexa to call your friends from your tablet. The updated Alexa app will bring drop in feature to your devices, this feature allows you to connect your device with other devices to share things and to work with them together.

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