Here are 10 important facts about the life-threatening disease

Here are 10 important facts about the life-threatening disease

Here are 10 important facts about the life-threatening disease

People who arrive from or visit sub-Saharan and south-east Asian countries are at greatest risk.

I do not think there needs to be only one leader, but many.

That being said, there is now an unprecedented momentum in the fight against TB.

We're not exactly winning.

According to a report by 2016 there were more than 10 million cases and over 1.7 million people died of Tuberculosis all over the world. The day is celebrated since 1822 when Dr Robert Koch announced her discovery of the bacterium that causes TB, which opened the doors towards curing and diagnosing the disease.

Not everyone who has TB has symptoms, as with people who have latent TB infection, said Diane Fortune, TB program manager for the NMDOH. Its prevalence is high among neglected communities-in places like refugee camps, slums, and prisons. The country reported 423,000 TB deaths in 2017 and an average of 211 new infections were diagnosed per 100,000 people.

In short, it's a global health emergency with outsized effects on the marginalized: an obvious, urgent focus for MSF.

Sugihantono mentioned that the current findings of TB cases identified in Indonesia ranged from 400-500 cases.

Multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB) remains a public health crisis and a health security threat.

The new notification has two specific formats.

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These two drugs, bedaquiline and delamanid, show a lot of promise. Because of this, USAID worked with the Mandatory Health Insurance Fund to develop a financial model to pay doctors and nurses for each successfully treated case, which incentivizes them to ensure that patients complete the lengthy treatment.

Unfortunately the standard treatment for TB has been the same all over the world for years. There were 600,000 new cases with resistance to rifampicin (the most powerful first-line drug) in 2016, of which 82 per cent of cases were also resistant to other drugs. The aim is to find simpler, shorter (six-nine months), less toxic, all oral, and more effective treatments mainly based on new and repurposed drugs.

The treatment of TB is a long-drawn process. However, these germs can get active with time if they are left untreated for too long. We live in a society where the disease is poorly understood.

RESIDENTS in the nation's capital are urged to join the team from the National Capital District Health with its partners to kick TB out of NCD and observe World Tuberculosis Day and expo today. This is happening as part of a project developed by software giant Microsoft in India.

In that challenging context, where does MSF go from here? "The state presently has 391 designated microscopy centres delivering diagnosis and treatment".

To help achieve this, MSF's TB projects need to reflect that ambition.

The director general has explained that the Ministry of Health has targeted 360 thousand TB case findings at non-government health facilities to improve recording of cases. This in turn can increase the burden of TB in communities, as former prisoners return to communities, and as visitors and prison staff circulate between communities and prisons. So firstly, a correct diagnosis is required and the treatment and the duration of the treatment are planned accordingly, says Dr Shah.

"I established this [collaboration] because I wanted to make a real difference through research", Dr Aung explains. Beyond these, we will push for innovation on better-adapted diagnostic tests. They may even face a jail term as per IPC sections.

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