How to get verified on Twitter - even if you're NOT famous

How to get verified on Twitter - even if you're NOT famous

How to get verified on Twitter - even if you're NOT famous

The social networking platform's chief executive said Thursday that the verification process is "very broken" in part because some people have seen the badge as an endorsement from the company rather than as an identity verification benchmark.

During the live stream, a user commented, "I feel if everyone was verified, it would clean up this platform". If verification becomes a ubiquitous way to prove real users, then the unverified and possibly bot-run accounts could become more obvious.

Twitter's CEO says more people will have access to verification, but the verification process is going to roll out in sequences so that the company can put more focus on what they think are the most significant issues around verification, starting with United States elections.

The expansion of the verification system would roll out in stages, Dorsey said.

As Twitter embarks on its journey to make its platform a safer, more productive place for everyone, it's relying on third-parties to step in to determine the best ways to capture, measure and evaluate health metrics. Similarly, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been continuously denied verification by Twitter.

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What will verification mean in the future?

"We're going to be as open as we can", Dorsey said.

Originally, it was created to protect against fake accounts, but it has become a a social media class symbol in recent times.

Do you democratising the blue tick is the solution?

Currently, anyone who wants to get the verified badge, is required to put in a request to Twitter along with filling out necessary details in the request form such as the verified phone number and make a case as to why you should get the blue tick. "Twitter stands behind this person, Twitter believes that this person is someone that - what they're saying is great and authentic, which is not what at all what we mean by the checkmark". "All the while, it has to demonstrate its commitment to upholding free speech, while also limiting hate speech".

David Gasca, a product director at Twitter, said in the livestream that the company uses the checkmark to signify identity, but in its research, it has found that most users see the checkmark as a sign of credibility.

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