IOS Bug Workaround: How To Prevent Siri From Reading Out Hidden Notifications

IOS Bug Workaround: How To Prevent Siri From Reading Out Hidden Notifications

IOS Bug Workaround: How To Prevent Siri From Reading Out Hidden Notifications

Anyone can just hold down the home button on most iPhones or a side button for the iPhone X to activate Siri without voice recognition and ask to read notifications. If prompted, Siri will read out whatever details are within the app without checking to make sure it's the primary user.

The one exception is Apple's own Messages app, where Siri will read them only if the phone is unlocked.

It's particularly concerning that this affects Signal notifications, as the app is primarily favored for its encrypted messaging features that provide extra security.

We've reached out to Apple and will update this story if we receive a response.

Fortunately, any messages or notifications sent to Apple's own Messages app, iMessage, are still protected.

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A privacy bug reported by Brazilian site Mac Magazine allows someone to access hidden message notifications on a locked iPhone by asking Siri to read them ...

As an aside, and given the bevy of bugs and security related issues we've seen Apple deal with over the past few months, there have been reports that Apple with iOS 12 will take its foot off the gas ever so slightly in an effort to focus more on system stability.

But the feature has been around for a while, previously allowing users to manually change their settings to hide notification previews. Unselect this toggle and Siri won't be able to read out messages when the phone is locked. Then select Previews and choose Never. But it looks like Siri can surpass this security layer quite easily.

Siri was launched alongside the iPhone 4s in 2011.

Siri can create reminders, schedule calendar events and retrieve information on restaurants and weather.

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