Maintaining a sleep schedule ahead of Daylight saving time

Maintaining a sleep schedule ahead of Daylight saving time

Maintaining a sleep schedule ahead of Daylight saving time

The immediate outcome is that you'll lose a precious hour of sleep this weekend.

It was the reason Congress used in enacting daylight saving time during World War I and again after the United States joined WWII, according to author David Prerau. Britain's foe in World War I, Germany, was the first to start using Daylight Saving on April 30, 1916, in order to conserve the amount of electricity consumed.

Daylight Saving Time was established in the United States in 1918.

Some states want daylight saving to die - while others want it to stick around.

If approved, Florida would be making the opposite move those states and territories that have opted to stay on Standard Time made.

Hawaii, most of Arizona and some USA territories don't observe daylight saving time.

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Lawmakers in the Sunshine State passed a bill this week that would keep year-round daylight saving time, offering residents and visitors an extra hour of daylight in the evenings during the winter months. Congress, rived over tariffs and gun control and immigration, would have to act on clocks - or the Transportation Department would have to issue a new regulation, an option the Florida legislation does not mention. By advocating for daylight saving time, he did not practice what he preached of "early to bed, early to rise". Also, heart attacks spike after DST goes into effect. Daylight-saving time will start Sunday this year and end November 4.

Hawaii and most of Arizona don't take part in DST.

US territories: None of America's island territories observe the time change. Hoosiers in rural areas said "changing the clock at all is considered "unnatural" and "unhealthy for cows" at one point in the debate, as has it.

The clock changes can also raise the risk of accidents by sleep-deprived motorists.

Florida may not be the last state looking for a time change. During Daylight Saving Time, more people travel to and from school and work and complete errands during the daylight.

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