North Korea is HELPING Syria to produce chemical weapons, shock report claims

North Korea is HELPING Syria to produce chemical weapons, shock report claims

North Korea is HELPING Syria to produce chemical weapons, shock report claims

"North Korea has a sordid history of supplying rogue states like Syria with weapons of mass destruction technology for cash", Andrew C. Weber, formerly the top Pentagon official responsible for combating the proliferation of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, said of the new findings.

A leaked United Nations report, compiled by a United Nations panel of experts, claims to have recorded 40 previously undisclosed shipments between North Korea and Syria.

The UN Panel issued a report last September, which said it was "investigating reported prohibited chemical, ballistic missile and conventional arms co-operation" between Syria and North Korea. The report also says that North Korean experts were seen on the plants for the production of missiles and chemical weapons in Syria.

Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad has allegedly been using chemical weapons on its own people since, at least, 2012 - and it appears North Korea might be helping him.

The U.N. has accused companies in China and Singapore of helping North Korea conduct global trade in violation of sanctions.

Another episode happened in August 2016, when a delegation of "North Korean missile technicians" visited Syria and brought with them "special resistance valves and thermometers known for use in chemical weapons", according to the report.

The findings of United Nations experts cited in a New York Times report are consistent with well-documented past practices of both governments in evading global controls via intricate smuggling networks, analysts said. That attack brought the the brink of attacking Damascus until an eleventh-hour deal struck with Russian Federation saw Assad give up his chemical weapons arsenal.

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The Sunday attack killed one little boy and hospitalised 18 other people who first responders said had symptoms consistent with exposure to the poison gas. The Syrian government has denied the charges.

Much information was provided by unidentified United Nations member states.

The allegations come after fresh reports of chlorine gas attacks by Syrian forces in Eastern Ghouta.

Those suspicions were not assuaged when Syria signed onto the Chemical Weapons Convention in 2013 and claimed to give up its chemical weapons stocks.

North Korea's alleged aid to Syria is detailed in a 70-page report compiled by the U.N. Panel of Experts, a technical body that releases periodical assessments about compliance with U.N. resolutions, including trade sanctions imposed on Pyongyang.

The US and other Western nations have accused Syria of using chemical weapons against rebel-controlled areas including recently in the Damascus suburb of eastern Ghouta. Myanmar expelled one North Korean diplomat a year ago for dealings with a banned North Korean company.

Neither the report's authors nor members of the UN Security Council who have seen it would comment to the paper.

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