Saudi Arabia signs preliminary deal to buy 48 Typhoon jets from UK

Saudi Arabia signs preliminary deal to buy 48 Typhoon jets from UK

Saudi Arabia signs preliminary deal to buy 48 Typhoon jets from UK

The deal has been under discussion for years, but was snagged over the sides' disagreement over the place of the jets' production, with Riyadh wishing to have the jets partially assembled in Saudi Arabia.

Mrs May defended the UK's ties with Saudi Arabia earlier this week, saying all arms sales are strictly regulated.

Despite an unusual advertising blitz that saw adverts promoting Prince Mohammed and Saudi Arabia appear in national newspapers and on taxis and electronic billboards across London, the visit was knocked from the British front pages by the poisoning of a Russian double agent.

During the hour-long visit at Lambeth Palace, the pair discussed the crown prince's reform plans and Welby - the head of the Anglican church - expressed his concerns about the treatment of Christians in Saudi Arabia.

A final deal would not resurrect those jobs, the company said, but would provide continuing employment to 5,000 people working on the Typhoons....

She underlined her government's support for the Saudi-led war on Yemen, noting that the campaign has been supported by the UN Security Council.

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His visit to the UK was marred by street protests against arms sales to the kingdom.

Bin Salman arrived in London late Tuesday amid massive outcry and protests against Riyadh's human rights violations and its deadly war on Yemen. About 200 had lined up outside the gates of 10 Downing Street on Wednesday to greet the Saudi leader.

Saudi Arabia and its allies launched the war on Yemen in March 2015 to reinstall its former Riyadh-allied government.

However, opposition MPs and people in the aid sector have slammed the deal due to Saudi Arabia's ongoing military operations in war-torn starvation hit Yemen, the Guardian reported.

Yemen was a topic of discussion at a private dinner inside May's country residence on Thursday night.

Labour Liverpool Walton MP Dan Carden tweeted: 'Before signing any humanitarian partnership with Saudi Arabia the UK Government should have insisted on a full resolution to the Saudi-caused humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

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