Scientists have discovered a huge colony of penguins

Scientists have discovered a huge colony of penguins

Scientists have discovered a huge colony of penguins

"Not exclusively do the Danger Islands hold the biggest populace of Adélie penguins on the Antarctic Peninsula, they likewise seem to have not endured the populace decreases found along the western side of Antarctic Peninsula that are related with late environmental change", says Polito.

An global team organized an expedition after they've noticed that the Danger Islands may be inhabited by penguins after some images captured with the Landsat satellite (owned by NASA and the US Geological Survey) depicted large amounts of penguins excrements on the islands.

Michael Polito, one of the researchers from Louisiana State University, said he was amazed by the number of penguins he saw.

Scientists have reported the discovery of a supercolony of Adelie penguins in Antarctica which host more than 1.5 million birds.

The discovery cements the idea that climate change was behind the decline of penguin populations on the western side of the peninsula, Polito said.

A total of 1.5 million penguins are living on "The Danger Islands", which are surrounded by icy waters packed with thick sea icea that makes them extremely hard to access.

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Working off evidence from satellite imagery captured by NASA in 2014, scientists from various institutions mounted an expedition to the area to conduct a population survey - which included the use of drones to help count the number of penguins.

The photos were then stitched together to give a comprehensive picture.

In December 2015 a team of 10 scientists made the treacherous journey to the Danger Islands, on the edge of the Weddell Sea's oceanic vortex of sea ice.

Their findings were published Friday in the journal Scientific Reports.

Adélie penguins jump off an iceberg in the Danger Islands region of Antarctica, where the population has remained stable for decades. Using Quadcopter drone-based aerial photography, researchers confirmed that the Danger Islands have 751,527 pairs of Adélie penguins, which are more than the rest of the entire Antarctic Peninsula region combined. It's also the middle of the breeding season for penguins, which helped in counting them. Clearly climate change and reduction in ice and krill play a part, but a decline in sea-ice also allows in shipping - fisheries in particular - which may exacerbate the problem. "I hope this provides impetus for a marine protected area in the Danger Islands with expanded borders from what has been proposed", Lynch says. "Food availability? That's something we don't know", said Stephanie Jenouvrier, a seabird ecologist at WHOI, in a press release.

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