Toys R Us Postpones Liquidation Sales

Toys R Us Postpones Liquidation Sales

Toys R Us Postpones Liquidation Sales

Toys R Us, which at one time was the company's pre-eminent toy retailer, had lost much of its luster in recent years.

The unsolicited bid faces a number of hurdles such as finding other deep-pocketed investors, as well as getting a bankruptcy judge to approve such an unusual plan. Almost 1 in every 5 sales made by Bratz doll-maker MGA Entertainment, where Larian is CEO, is rung up at a Toys "R" Us store. And if you have things that require specific Toys R Us parts or accessories, definitely nab those items now. 6.

Last September, Toys "R" Us officially filed for bankruptcy protection in the USA - with experts describing it as one of the "largest ever" Chapter 11 filings by a specialty retailer. However, as headlines increased from several news outlets and social media was set ablaze, the Florence employees began to wonder.

Lindsay Sakraida, director of content marketing at, a price comparison website, says shoppers shouldn't buy impulsively when they see a big liquidation signs. Lazarus created chain 70 years ago, returning from Second World War, with idea of turning it into a large supermarket of toys taking advantage of tug of baby boom.

Larian, a billionaire, is using his own money, not MGA funds, for the bid. His death's arrival at the apex of the company's woes only compounds the sadness felt by many.

Since Lazarus stepped down as chief executive officer in 1994 and chairman four years later, the company has faced new competition from online retailers such as Inc. and from the rise of Wal-Mart Stores Inc., which overtook it in US toy sales in 1998.

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Outside, customers greeted news of the toy store's demise with a mix of sadness and nostalgia.

"At the present time, no permit to hold a going out of business sale has yet been obtained for the Toys R Us store located in Potomac Run Plaza in Sterling", Wertz wrote in an email to the Loudoun Tribune. Toys "R" Us released the following statement.

It's not known what kind of discounts Toys R Us and Babies R Us will be offering during the liquidation sale. The planned liquidation would have a bigger impact on smaller toy makers that rely more on the chain for sales.

The company announced last week it will shut or sell all of its 735 us locations.

Those instincts proved visionary again in 1957, when Lazarus began opening toy superstores, stocked with aisles and aisles of playthings, just as television was taking off, and fueling demand for toys like Barbie dolls, Slinkys and Hula Hoops. It operates more than 700 stores outside the United States.

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