Windows 10's File Explorer Is Finally Getting Support for Tabs

Windows 10's File Explorer Is Finally Getting Support for Tabs

Windows 10's File Explorer Is Finally Getting Support for Tabs

Others will receive seven individual screens, each dedicated to a single privacy setting with the recommended Microsoft selection for the best Windows 10 experience distinguished by a dotted line.

Talk of Windows 10 "S Mode" has been floating about for a few weeks, but this was the first time that it has been acknowledged as a "mode", which will roll out next year. Windows 10 S works only with the UWP apps Microsoft itself provides from the app store. Less than a year later, Windows is calling it quits on making it its own operating system, instead making it a regular Windows 10 S Mode option.

Microsoft is revamping Windows 10 S, its version of Windows 10 customized for students, from a standalone operating system to a version of Windows 10. Whatever the case, expect cheap laptops and even desktop PCs to start being advertised with "Windows 10 - 10S Mode" from next year.

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Tabs in File Explorer, along with the new and improved Sets feature is available with Windows 10 Redstone 5 build 17618 to those part of Skip Ahead in the Windows Insider program. Reports of the company's decision surfaced last month, but the rumors were finally confirmed today by Joe Belfiore, vice president of Windows 10 at Microsoft.

This move means it will be easier for Microsoft to continue to offer Windows 10 S to users, while simplifying the upgrade path. Windows devices are extremely popular in the education sphere, so the tech magazine wanted to learn the fate of Windows 10 S. Nevertheless, those who possess Windows 10 Pro in S Mode would have to pay 49 dollars in order to unlock the full version.

However, at least in the EU, Microsoft would have to obtain consent if the data was used in any other way than mentioned or if it wasn't clear to the user that the data would be used for more than just finding the device.

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