'Black Panther' to overtake 'Titanic' in all-time domestic box office gross

'Black Panther' to overtake 'Titanic' in all-time domestic box office gross

'Black Panther' to overtake 'Titanic' in all-time domestic box office gross

The latest broken record: Black Panther has passed the once-unsinkable Titanic. Avatar finished with $760.5 million in the US while Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens ended its run with an insane $936.6 million.

In terms of worldwide grosses, Titanic still leads Black Panther by a considerable margin.

Posting an estimated $665.4 million in North America across its eight-weekend theatrical run, Marvel's superhero blockbuster Black Panther bounded past James Cameron's historical drama this weekend to claim the No. 3 spot on the all-time domestic box office chart, not adjusting for inflation.

The Marvel flick directed by Ryan Coogler will be the first film shown in Saudi Arabia in over 35 years.

The service has sold over 1 million tickets for the movie.

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The Marvel blockbuster broke yet another record on Saturday, surpassing James Cameron's 1997 epic film "Titanic" as the third highest grossing film of all time in the USA box office.

Marvel's ground breaking film - which has been hailed not only for Coogler's exceptional world building and layered story but also for its virtually all-black cast of superstars - overtook Marvel's "Avengers" to become the biggest-selling superhero film of all time.

If you're keeping track of the news in the last decade or so, that does mean Disney technically owns the top three highest-grossing films of all time in the United States.

Black Panther has already entered the top ten globally, now ranked at number 10 with $1.29 billion in total worldwide earnings.

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