EPA chief fights for his job in meeting with Trump

EPA chief fights for his job in meeting with Trump

EPA chief fights for his job in meeting with Trump

The example given was of someone who walked up to Pruitt and yelled "Scott Pruitt, you're f-ing up the environment".

The tweet appeared to be in response to The Associated Press report Friday that found Pruitt's EPA justified about $3 million in security costs.

"According to EPA's assistant inspector general, Scott Pruitt has faced an unprecedented amount of death threats against him and his family", the agency said in a statement.

But Pruitt apparently did not consider that upgrade vital to his safety when taxpayers weren't footing the bill for his ticket.

The EPA official spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of retaliation.

Pruitt's security spending wasn't "somewhat more".

The scandals swirling around Donald Trump's environmental chief keep growing, but the president simply reaffirms his satisfaction with Scott Pruitt.

The only justification Pruitt has given is that he was once yelled at in an airport.

The EPA official said there are legitimate concerns about Pruitt's safety, given public opposition to his rollbacks of anti-pollution measures.

"Americans should all agree that members of the President's cabinet should be kept safe", said EPA spokesman Jahan Wilcox. However, no one has seemingly ever threatened Pruitt, a nationwide search of state and federal court records by the AP revealed. EPA's press office did not respond Friday to provide details of any specific threats or arrests.

To offset some of these expenses, Pruitt accepted airline miles from Ken Wagner, a newly hired subordinate at the EPA. Taxpayers still covered the airfare for the administrator's security detail.

Pruitt has been heavily criticized over the last few weeks due to excessive spending and possible ethics violations.

"It would be a very serious ethics problem, indeed, if Pruitt accepted airline tickets from a subordinate", Shaub said.

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Law makers are inspecting Pruitt for leasing a room in a high-end townhouse co-owned by the wife of energy-industry lobbyist Steven Hart for $50 a night time, an agreement that has drawn fire from integrity experts.

"Rent was about market rate, travel expenses OK", Trump wrote.

Tapper questioned whether or not she believes Pruitt should resign or be fired. The a href="http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2016/11/trump-public-lands-waters-united-states-environment/" target="_blank" rule /a , which is now tied up in the courts, extends EPA protection to tens of millions of acres of wetlands and millions of miles of streams, including those that a href="https://www.nrdc.org/issues/enforce-clean-water-act" target="_blank" 1 in 3 Americans rely on for drinking water /a .br br Pruitt also sued the EPA over its a href="https://www.epa.gov/ozone-pollution/2015-revision-2008-ozone-national-ambient-air-quality-standards-naaqs-supporting" target="_blank" 2015 regulation /a strengthening the national health standards a href="http://newsok.com/oklahoma-joins-five-states-in-suit-against-new-epa-ozone-limits/article/5456440?custom_click=rss" target="_blank" for ground-level ozone /a or smog pollution.br br Several of these lawsuits are still ongoing, and environmental advocates have called on Pruitt to recuse himself from decisions related to the regulations he's challenged in court. He also has championed budget cuts and staff reductions at the agency so deep that even Republican budget hawks in Congress refused to implement them.

But while the presidential tweet may have eased the pressure, Pruitt is not yet in the clear.

The lawmaker first said his committee had seen, but not yet received, documents requested of EPA. Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island.

Numerous agents were deployed as he spent Christmas in Oklahoma, attended a University of Kentucky basketball game and flew with his family to California to attend the Rose Bowl football game and spend time at Disneyland.

But the White House has remained adamant in its support of Pruitt as head of the EPA.

The size of Pruitt's security is unprecedented.

Then during a trip to Italy in June, Pruitt was accompanied by nine aides and a security detail that cost more than $120,000. He visited the U.S. Embassy in Rome and took a private tour of the Vatican before briefly attending a meeting of G-7 environmental ministers in Bologna. When security official Eric Weese complained about Pruitt's use of motorcade sirens to bypass normal DC traffic, he was demoted.

The EPA spent almost $9,000 a year ago on increased counter-surveillance precautions for Pruitt, including hiring a private contractor to sweep his office for hidden listening devices and installing sophisticated biometric locks for the doors.

'Well, that's going to be up to the president, ' he answered.

The EPA chief has also been accused of exorbitant spending, including the installation in his office - for $43,000 - of a secure, soundproof communications booth.

Those purchases were not approved.

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