Olympic gymnasts tell US Senators Nassar's abuse thrived in the sport's culture

Olympic gymnasts tell US Senators Nassar's abuse thrived in the sport's culture

Olympic gymnasts tell US Senators Nassar's abuse thrived in the sport's culture

Earlier today, Olympic gold medalist gymnast Jordyn Wieber, 22, filed a lawsuit against USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University in connection with the now-infamous Larry Nassar sexual abuse and molestation case.

Nassar's victims have said the doctor secured their trust before using supposed medical treatments as an excuse to molest them.

"He said that nobody would understand this and the sacrifice that it takes to get to the Olympics", the former gymnast said in an interview with NBC, which is slated to air Sunday night. "So you can't tell people this", she said. "I actually was like, "That makes sense".

After finally being arrested in December of 2016, which was right around the time during which Maroney was forced to enter a non-disclosure agreement with USA Gymnastics, Nassar has been given three lengthy sentences. "It didn't seem they cared about anything else".

The hearing also featured testimony from alleged victims in speedskating and figure skating, who spoke of cultural issues they believe have made sex abuse particularly hard to stanch in Olympic sports, where adult coaches can quickly acquire powerful roles in the lives of dozens of children, and where Olympic organizations have long allowed fears of lawsuits and a narrow view of their responsibilities to impede child protection efforts.

His first state prison sentence was given to him in January after a sentencing hearing during which 156 victim impact statements were read, including one that was read on Maroney's behalf. Of Engler's performance, she said, "he's nearly trying to fight the survivors versus working with us".

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Nassar, who worked as an osteopathic physician for USA Gymnastics and was a faculty member at Michigan State University, was convicted in three courts of charges that included abusing his patients.

At the Prevention of Cruelty to Children luncheon in NY on Tuesday, the athlete also shared that Nassar even referred to the abuse as her "sacrifice" to get to the Olympics.

"My teammates and I were subjected to Larry Nassar every single month at the national team training center in Texas", said Weiber.

She won gold as part of the team event and individual silver in the vault.

Ms. Dantzscher, who won a bronze medal at the 2000 Olympic Games, said she had spoken out about Dr. Nassar's abuse beginning that year and received criticism from members of the U.S.A. Gymnastics staff. He was sentenced to a minimum of 40 years in prison and a maximum of 175 years. "Telling my story has not been easy or enjoyable in any way. but I never thought I would be here saying this, because I thought no one would listen".

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