Pence tweets response to Cuba's Raul Castro

Pence tweets response to Cuba's Raul Castro

Pence tweets response to Cuba's Raul Castro

And Miguel Diaz-Canel, a man born after the 1959 revolution, was elected president by the National Assembly. The election of President Donald Trump dashed dreams of detente with the US, and after two decades of getting Venezuelan subsidies totalling more than $6 billion a year, Cuba's patron has collapsed economically, with no replacement in the wings.

The relationship between Cuba and the USA further improved in 2016 when President Obama and Raúl Castro agreed to: (i) reauthorize postal service between the two countries after 53 years; (ii) regularly scheduled flights between the United States and Cuba; and (iii) allow US companies to operate in Cuba, including: Verizon, Sprint, Airbnb, Starwood Hotels, Carnival, and Netflix.

Mr Castro is expected to continue wielding considerable political influence in his role as the leader of Cuba's ruling Communist Party.

"Cuban citizens had no real power to affect the outcome of this undemocratic transition process".

"In the hearings in Washington D.C., Mike Pompeo was asked specifically about Cuba - if he would continue the relationship between the USA and Cuba, and if he would like more trade to be going on between both countries, and he said that is something he would definitely look into", Nespral said.

The relatively unknown Diaz-Canel previously served as a minister of higher education and vice-president.

After formally taking over from his older brother Fidel in 2008, Raul Castro launched a series of reforms that led to a rapid expansion of Cuba's private sector and the burgeoning use of cell phones and the internet.

"I come to work, not to promise anything", said Diaz-Canel, who expressed his commitment to work for compliance with the economic "guidelines" program, approved by the Communist Party of Cuba.

Addressing the parliament on Thursday, Diaz-Canel lauded his predecessor Raul Castro. "The reality is that Raul Castro is still controlling the Communist Party".

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"I don't want to see a capitalist system, hopefully that doesn't come here, but we have to fix the economy", said Roberto Sanchez, a 41-year-old construction worker. "It's the communist, authoritarian, totalitarian regime".

"They do not intend, nor have they ever had intentions for the people of Cuba to prosper".

They said Diaz-Canel, in his first speech as President, said Castro would be involved in important decisions.

The National Assembly erupted into applause as the result was read out, with delegates smiling and shaking hands warmly with Castro and Diaz-Canel.

But he will remain under the watchful eye of Castro, who confirmed that he will continue to serve as the head of Cuba's all-powerful Communist Party until its next congress in 2021.

In December 2014, President Obama began direct negotiations with Raúl Castro to further facilitate the budding relationship between the two countries.

Diaz-Canel, who rose through the ranks of the Cuban Communist Party over three decades, said the new period would be characterized by "modernization of the economic and social model".

Raul Castro sat in the front row of the assembly, gently rocking back and forth in his chair and occasionally seeming to nod in approval.

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