Starbucks protests continue in Philadelphia while CEO performs damage control

Starbucks protests continue in Philadelphia while CEO performs damage control

Starbucks protests continue in Philadelphia while CEO performs damage control

He said the employee who called police should have been fired.

Johnson left the meeting vowing that what happened last Thursday will not happen again.

Some Philadelphia residents want Starbucks to close the store involved in the incident.

"These are two black people who just wanted to be in the world", said Abdul-Aliy Muhammad, of the Black and Brown Workers Collective.

The problem? No crime was committed, even though they were cuffed and hauled away for suspicion of trespassing.

Activists held a sit in at the Starbucks coffee shop on 18th and Spruce roads nearby Rittenhouse Square - that the location of the arrests which were termed "reprehensible" by the company's CEO, Kevin Johnson, plus a "needless" and also "regrettable consequence" by Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney.

The crowd of Monday morning protesters, racially diverse and about 40 strong, foreclosed any hope of obtaining a morning caffeine boost, to the irritation of at least one customer who was escorted out while shouting that staff had done nothing wrong. More protests and a news conference are expected in the afternoon.

Despite the outcry, the Philadelphia Police Department commissioner and a civilian oversight board have defended the responding officers' actions, saying they "acted within the law".

"I can tell you that that police officer did not want to have to make an arrest in that incident", Ross said.

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But the employees of this Starbucks denied Ward the code for the bathroom, according to the footage.

"They were wrong, and for that, I personally apologize to the gentlemen that visited our store". On Sunday, the demonstrations began around noon when protesters showed up holding signs and shouting messages of anger outside the coffee shop.

The arrests, which occurred Thursday, were captured on video that quickly gained traction on social media. "There's nothing more to the story, than what you see in the video", said DePino. "Our store manager never intended for these men to be arrested and this should never have escalated as it did". However, they called the situation "unfortunate" and hinted that it might have gone differently had the men not have been black. "They put their bodies on the line", said Asa Khalif.

The men were arrested when a manager complained that they had not made a purchase.

With the public outcry of discrimination getting louder each day and others calling for the store manager's job, Johnson acknowledged a potentially deeper and systemic management issue that places the blame squarely on his shoulders.

Representatives for the two men could not immediately be reached.

The store is different, but the complaints have a familiar ring: black shoppers recount instances where managers call security - or the police - in situations white shoppers say they rarely face.

"We stand not only with the two black men who were wrongfully detained but also with the countless people of color whose very existence continues to be daily undervalued and overpoliced - often without the benefit of a running camera", the office said in a statement Monday. He informs police that the people they were about to take into custody were "not trespassing" and were meeting him there.

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