Armenia Pashinyan became the new Prime Minister of the country

Armenia Pashinyan became the new Prime Minister of the country

Armenia Pashinyan became the new Prime Minister of the country

Nearly all MPs from the Republican Party of Armenia voted against appointing the leader of the Velvet Revolution as the head of the government.

Although numerous party's deputies voted for Nikol Pashinian in a move to overcome the country's political turmoil, Ashotyan said: "We do not consider it expedient to cooperate with the new government; it would be hypocritical to consider the issue of our participation in the new government".

Armenia's parliament has opened a session to elect a prime minister, for which opposition lawmaker and protest leader Nikol Pashinian is the only nominee. Under pressure from protesters on April 23, Sargsyan resigned, but protests in the country continued. However, the HHK said it will not block the election and will support it.

Lawmakers voted 59 to 42 to approve him as prime minister.

"All people are equal before the law. This process should continue, in line with the wishes of the Armenian people", Jagland said. Elections will not be rigged and vote bribes will not be handed out anymore, period!

"The leadership will not be a means to earn money".

Pashinian on Monday told reporters that "There will not be a vendetta. My goal is bring real changes to Armenia".

Russian Federation has strong strategic interests in Armenia, including a military base, and had been watching the country's political turmoil closely.

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"What is this? Initial naivete, ignorance of the subject, the bravado of the victor or maybe all of these together?" he later said of Pashinian's announcement. But he gave no possible dates for the conduct of such polls.

Pashinyan said the protest movement empowered ordinary Armenians, showing them they could determine the future of their country. It was also fueled by anger over alleged corruption within Republican Party elite ruling the country since the 1990s.

The extraordinary sitting of the Armenian parliament kicked off 12:00 for the second round of vote to elect a Prime Minister. "Tomorrow.will be the day of the victory of Armenian citizens".

It has been an unlikely rise to power in the post-Soviet republic of about three million for the former newspaper editor. The group called Impeachment failed to win any parliament seats.

He has publicly fallen out with other opposition leaders such as the former president Levon Ter-Petrosyan. The vote marred by reports of serious fraud formalized the handover of power from Kocharian to Serzh Sarkisian. "Many people will want to see a country that has carried out this revolution of love and solidarity", he said. He was released from jail in 2011 under a prisoner amnesty scheme and elected to parliament the next year.

Within an hour of the vote, Pashinyan traveled to Republic Square in central Yerevan to greet his supporters, who waved Armenian flags and balloons as a rock band performed live music. He subsequently fell out with the ex-president and set up his own party, Civil Contract.

Opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan, head of the Yelk (Exit) faction, was the sole candidate in the first round of elections on May 1. They said that he will fail to attract large crowds.

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