Google Confirms Controversial Duplex AI Will Identify Itself to Humans

Google Confirms Controversial Duplex AI Will Identify Itself to Humans

Google Confirms Controversial Duplex AI Will Identify Itself to Humans

The feature allows the digital assistant to make calls on your behalf using a voice that sounds nearly too human. "What we showed at I/O was an early technology demo, and we look forward to incorporating feedback as we develop this into a product", said a Google spokeswoman in a statement to CNET.

Google says these features are expected to arrive on the Google Photos app soon. So, the program Duplex right on the stage called the hairdresser. Following that, Duplex has a very realistic conversation with the salon employee before finally agreeing to book a slot at 10am for a haircut for the aforementioned client.

Outside the Google technology bubble, critics pounced.

Now, here, please read this Twitter thread by comedian and Silicon Valley actor Kumail Nanjiani about how technology has no morality and we as the humans creating and operating it need to be responsible for making it as ethical as possible. But others had a different impression and are questioning the ethics of an AI deceiving people by acting human.

The demo left one technology expert "horrified" by what she had seen. "Creepy" and "horrifying" were just some of the words used by tech observers to describe Duplex, and they can not be faulted for raising such ethical concerns.

The voice was under control of Google's DeepMind WaveNet software that has been trained using lots of conversations so it knows what humans sound like and can mimic them effectively. The "Murph & Mac" show on KNBR in San Francisco played a clip Wednesday of Duplex talking. If the information that the voice at the other end is coming from an AI is kept confidential, the person at the other end can be at a significant disadvantage.

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Google has officially rolled out all these features.

The audience at the I/O developer conference where the assistant was demonstrated was said to be partly amazed but partly horrified. The Duplex AI engages Google Assistant, which is a direct answer to Amazon's Alexa and Apple's Siri digital assistants.

Obviously, people were creeped out and had a myriad of concerns. Like most Google innovations, it was progress but not without causing panic. More experiments are planned for this summer, he noted.

As part of planned updates to the technology Google is now working on making Assistant more visually assistive. It has reiterated its commitment to keeping technology transparent.

The search engine giant stunned fans when it debuted its new AI system - which is able to talk to people over the phone by mimicking a human voice - at its annual tech conference in Mountain View, California, on Tuesday. Google has the upper hand in Smart Displays for many reasons. No one worries that system will dupe humans by learning to do other tasks, the employee noted. Google Duplex isn't Siri though.

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