Man hits new milestone by eating 30000th Big Mac hamburgers

Man hits new milestone by eating 30000th Big Mac hamburgers

Man hits new milestone by eating 30000th Big Mac hamburgers

Don Gorske holds the world record for "Most Big Macs Consumed" and now, he's hit a milestone: his 30,000th Big Mac.

As this man from Fon Du Lac, Wisconsin, broke the world record for "Most Big Macs consumed" on Friday when he ate his 30,000th one.

For those who ever played the McDonald's Monopoly game, you might be distressed to hear Gorske has kept about 6,000 boxes from Big Macs, many of them in pristine condition. Gorske says that when he ate that first Big Mac, there was only one McDonald's in town, and he had just gotten his drivers' license.

"It's just so good - it's just like chocolate and I couldn't get enough of at first, but still it is my favorite sandwich", Gorske told the station. It wouldn't be the first time. On the day that McDonald's founder Ray Kroc died in 1984, Don ate Big Mac number 5,978.

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Gorske showed off his decades of receipts, sandwich wrappers and containers. He keeps almost everything, although he lost about 7,000 items when a tornado ripped the roof off his house. The first non-Big Mac day was during a snowstorm, when he arrived at his local McDonald's restaurant to find it closed.

"Don has a passion for Big Macs like no other", Rause said.

As for his health, Don poo-poos the naysayers and health brigade, saying that at his last medical check-up, he had low cholesterol and "perfect" blood pressure.

Tall and lanky, with a graying ponytail and friendly demeanor, Gorske has obsessive compulsive disorder and a meticulous memory, which lends to his Big Mac habit and his penchant for details. In 2003, Ellen DeGeneres asked him to get his cholesterol checked, and it was 140. Each Big Mac has about 540 calories and is made up of two beef patties, regular burger ingredients and the distinctive special sauce.

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