Palestinian Militants Agree to Cease-fire with Israel

Palestinian Militants Agree to Cease-fire with Israel

Palestinian Militants Agree to Cease-fire with Israel

UN Security Council to hold emergency meeting after Israel and Gaza factions trade rockets and missiles.

The Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad announced Wednesday morning they reached a ceasefire agreement with Israel to return to Operation Protective Edge in 2014 outline.

After Gaza militants fired some 30 mortars shells early Tuesday, Israel responded fiercely, threatening to set off another round of confrontations.

An Egyptian-brokered ceasefire appears to be holding for the moment along the Israel-Gaza border on Wednesday following the most intensive round of Palestinian rocket attacks and Israeli retaliatory airstrikes since a 2014 war.

Israel had said on Tuesday it hit more than 35 targets in the Palestinian enclave after a barrage of rocket and mortar fire from Hamas, that runs the Gaza, and Islamic Jihad.

FILE - Palestinian medics and protesters evacuate a seriously wounded youth during a deadly protest at the Gaza Strip's border with Israel, east of Khan Younis, Gaza Strip, May 14, 2018.

The high Palestinian death toll in the border protests has drawn strong global criticism of Israel, with rights groups saying Israel's use of live fire is illegal because in many cases it has struck unarmed protesters who did not pose an imminent threat to Israeli soldiers.

"If Israel abides by calm and ceases all forms of aggression against our people in Gaza, we will also maintain calm", he said.

"It all depends on Hamas", Kaztz said.

After a day and a half of shelling, Israelis returned to their routines and children went back to school following the heaviest rocket attacks since the end of the 2014 Gaza conflict.

In a statement the group's spokesman said after Egyptian mediation a "ceasefire agreement was reached with Israel to return to calm".

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"Israel will make (Hamas) pay for all fire against Israel".

Sirens sounded throughout much of the day in Israel warning of about 70 incoming rockets and shells, some intercepted by Israel's Iron Dome defense system.

TRT World spoke with Tel Aviv-based journalist Jan Franke for more.

The trio added: "When RSY-Netzer discovered that most of those killed in Gaza were claimed as Hamas operatives, they acknowledged that had they known, they would not have shared this on Facebook".

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had vowed on Tuesday to "respond to these attacks powerfully".

Israel has long said it would not tolerate such attacks.

This follows weeks of Palestinian mass demonstrations near the fence with border.

Hamas acknowledged it was mostly a symbolic act.

The Israeli action had prompted Palestine to askthe International Criminal Court (ICC) to open an "immediate investigation" into Israeli "crimes" committed against the Palestinian people.

Israeli fire has killed more than 110 Palestinians, a lot of them during the Hamas-led protests, which climaxed on May 14.

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