With Blankenship loss, Republicans look to November in three key Senate races

With Blankenship loss, Republicans look to November in three key Senate races

With Blankenship loss, Republicans look to November in three key Senate races

"It's important to note that Senator Mitch McConnell put this seat at greater risk by giving an unattractive candidate like Don Blankenship an even more unpopular foil to run against".

Maryland's own Republican primary is next month.

In all three states and North Carolina, House primaries offered a lens into the battle for control of the lower chamber of Congress. Rep. Robert Pittenger, R-N.C., became the first sitting House member to lose in a primary this year. Obama returned to Elkhart in 2016 to point to economic progress, but Trump carried the county and much of the region overwhelmingly that year. And while Renacci won his northeast OH base, he lost three of the nine counties - the ones along Lake Erie - that had switched from Obama to Trump.

Manchin is a conservative-leaning Democrat, which has worked well for him in the past, but it seems that the state is trending more Republican. He will now go up against incumbent Democratic Sen. Hall starts off with $236,000 cash on hand, but he's shown an ability to stay competitive in fundraising the last two quarters.

Blankenship finished almost 21,000 votes behind Morrisey Tuesday and 13,000 behind Jenkins.

Manchin said he is not as concerned as some observers are at the prospects of him winning a head-to-head race with Morrisey in November.

After what has been called a bruising primary, IN businessman Mike Braun finally scraped to the top over two established GOP congressmen - Rep. Todd Roika and Luke Messer.

Trump's political advisers chose to hold the rally in the heart of Donnelly's political base.

There was a similar shift away from the Republicans in the Third Congressional District, which comprises the southern third of West Virginia, including Huntington and Beckley. Morrisey ran an ad in which a mountain smashes the U.S. Capitol.

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Congressman Luke Messer says his focus is on bringing the insurance policies of the Trump White Home to the forefront of the coverage dialog in Indiana.

Braun's win might mean more for how Republicans try to win in primaries the rest of this year than Blankenship's loss. But as Nate Silver and FiveThirtyEight pointed out, in the midst of this kind of fog of war in the last few days, you have to be very careful about internal polls that campaigns release.

Instead, the division so far has still mostly been on one side - with Republicans unhappy with Washington.

Two sheriffs who have worked with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to detain undocumented immigrants in North Carolina were voted out of office Tuesday night. Her opponent in the governor's race, Mike DeWine, the state's attorney general and a former US senator, abandoned his moderate establishment image and endorsed the construction of a border wall - presumably to keep dissolute Wolverines fans in Mexico where they belong - and the arming of teachers in the classroom with such lunatic zeal that voters were convinced he was the genuine article. But Cordray, who was endorsed by Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a frequent Trump target. He points to a divisive Republican primary.

And on the local level, a woman who accused Trump of sexually harassing her more than a decade ago claimed the Democratic nomination in a race to represent an area southeast of Toledo in the state House of Representatives. That's Dianne Feinstein facing off with state Sen.

With more than 90 percent of the vote tallied, Morissey led Jenkins 35 percent to 29 percent.

And while Blankenship had been surging in the polls leading up to election day, he not only lost, but lost big - a big win for establishment Republicans, like McConnell, hoping to make waves during the fall midterms. The real Democratic fight that's coming is likely in 2020 with a crowded presidential primary field and a race to the left shaping up.

The economy is becoming more prominent as a voting issue, as Trump recedes somewhat.

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