Inside Anthony Bourdain's Final Days

Inside Anthony Bourdain's Final Days

Inside Anthony Bourdain's Final Days

THE owner of a Hanoi noodle shop where Anthony Bourdain slurped down "bun cha" with former U.S. president Barack Obama expressed her shock and sorrow today over the death of the globetrotting celebrity chef.

"He is absolutely the last person in the world I would have ever dreamed would do something like this", she said.

In an interview with theNew York Times that day, Gladys said she had no idea her son was suicidal. "Money beyond his wildest dreams", she continued.

The TV chef and food writer died by suicide on Friday (June 9) aged 61, after being found unresponsive in his hotel room in France by friend Eric Ripert.

Before he got into television, he worked as a chef at the NY restaurant.

"All I can tell you is this: I got off of heroin in the 1980s".

Remembering the rare dinner that made headlines back in 2016, and his memories in people's hearts, the former POTUS added, "He taught us about food - but more importantly, about its ability to bring us together".

Following Bourdain's breakthrough in 1999 with the revered New Yorker article Don't Eat Before Reading This, he landed his Travel Channel show No Reservations in 2005, and then later left to join CNN and launch his brilliantly narrated Parts Unknown in 2013.

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In recent months, Bourdain had emerged as an ally for the #MeToo movement, as his girlfriend Argento came forward to accuse disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein of rape. "As any chef will tell you, our entire service economy-the restaurant business as we know it-in most American cities, would collapse overnight without Mexican workers".

Bourdain's death revealed another talent most of us knew nothing about.

Since Friday, mourners have gathered to leave flowers and messages at Brasserie Les Halles, the now-shuttered Park Avenue restaurant where Bourdain became the executive chef in 1998 and immortalized the experience in his 2000 bestseller, "Kitchen Confidential". "I'm not going to be there for the important moments in your life".

Anthony Bourdain spent about 250 days per year on the road travelling.

Anthony Bourdain seen here with the outstanding informational series or special award for "Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown" backstage at the 2015 Creative Arts Emmy Awards in Los Angeles. "You know, he was amusing, he was sarcastic, he had a dark sense of humor".

Bourdain's loss will no doubt be felt heavily by the people he inspired, and who loved his contributions in the realm of culture. A Vassar dropout, he started working at a seafood restaurant in Provincetown, Mass., and fell in love with the pirate glamour of the kitchen underworld.

It was where Bourdain had been told he could find a nice choucrote - sauerkraut, an Alsatian specialty. "You can get a master's in diplomacy, but that doesn't mean anything until you go out and engage with people". "And makes me very sad for him to have - to have a succumbed to that".

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