United Kingdom minister resigns, plans to rebel over parliament's Brexit role

United Kingdom minister resigns, plans to rebel over parliament's Brexit role

United Kingdom minister resigns, plans to rebel over parliament's Brexit role

The government's victory was the first major win in two days of debates on its European Union withdrawal bill, which will sever ties with the European Union, after the upper house of parliament, the House of Lords, introduced 15 changes.

Rebels had been pushing for an amendment that would have given Parliament unprecedented powers over the final stages of Brexit talks.

Overall MPs voted against the House of Lords' amendments in three separate votes.

Lee, who voted for Britain to remain in the E.U.in the 2016 referendum, said in a statement he was "incredibly sad" to resign but did so in order to vote against the government's position on a key amendment to the bill.

Facing a bruising 48 hours in which the government will try to overturn 14 defeats in the Lords to the EU (Withdrawal) Bill, Mrs May made a rare personal appearance before Tory MPs.

Five Labour MPs also rebelled by voting in favour of disagreeing with the Lords amendment: Ronnie Campbell, Frank Field, Kate Hoey, John Mann and Graham Stringer.

Remain-supporting Conservative MPs had threatened to back an amendment to the bill which would have given parliament a more widespread veto.

Details of the government's commitment will have to be formalised next week in a new amendment to the bill.

She said unless there was a "meaningful vote" Parliament would be left with "the grim choice between a poor deal and exit with no deal at all".

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In a concession, the government promised that lawmakers would have a say on what to do next if there is no agreement with the European Union, or if Parliament rejects the deal offered.

But if the amendments being debated in Parliament this week force a change to the government's negotiating strategy, the wound could yet reopen.

It followed a strained parliamentary session, where the deep divisions opened up by Britain's vote to leave the European Union in 2016 were on display, with lawmakers who oppose the government saying they had received death threats.

"Whatever we do, we're not going to reverse that", he said.

He confirmed that ministers will seek to overturn 14 amendments which he said would undermine the goal of the Bill and fail to respect the result of the 2016 referendum.

However one amendment - Dominic Grieve's call for a meaningful vote - is looking increasingly well-supported, not least by Phillip Lee, the former youth justice minister who resigned this morning over the government's handling of Brexit. The Daily Express featured the British flag as its front page with the headline: "Ignore the will of the people at your peril".

Brexit protesters outside Parliament House.

Ms. May's minority government relies on the support of Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party for a slender working majority in the 650-member Commons.

"The people want us to leave the EU".

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